Wanted: Construction project team member

The Remote Site team lead (Bernard ZL2BD) is looking for someone to build a cooling module for the remote enclosure.   Fans mounted on the front panel of the enclosure will be controlled by a thermostat (coming on at a particular temperature and going off at another).   This project could use an arduino or traditional Honeywell type sensor.   Most of the work is in making the aluminium cowlings for the intake and exhaust ports.  Please contact ZL2BD if you are interested.

Committee update

Your committee has met early in the New Year (committee meeting minutes are located elsewhere on this website).    It resolved to form three working groups to progress development.  Each working group has representatives from the committee, but we will adding other regular members to working groups as well.

If you have an interest in the following working groups, please let your committee know  (by emailing info@remotedx.nz):

  • Remote site development
  • Broadband network development
  • Software development

We recently held a working bee to test out the remote facilities under development.   A report on this will be available shortly.

The website is undergoing development and will provide access to a greater range of information on what’s going on.